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The newest version of my English musicology guide is ready for download
englishclass101 wrote in ru_learnenglish

The newest version of the full file can be downloaded here.

A smal file with a list of some of the updates can be found here.

Some people may not already be familar with these files. My writing is basically a large text file that is literally many thousands of words long. However, it is designed to be used as a reference guide.I don't expect anyone to read all of it. It also uses various language learning theories. It's very long, but it was specifically designed for English learners.

I know that some people would strongly prefer that my writing were in a PDF format, but I haven't done a proper conversion into PDF yet. This isn't just because that I am lazy though. My writing is actually difficult and time consuming to edit, compile and do the research needed. I do hope to create a proper PDF version in the future. But I'm always busy updating and improving the content. Although I'm very happy with the progress that I have made and I really do want to make a PDF version later.


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