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- Икона, ее содержание и границы. - Icon, its contents and boundaries.

I have two or three books about icons and am familiar with the contents of each book. i think "boundaries" is not accurate and perhaps "scope" is a better word.
Alas, in translating there is a problem because a single word might have more than one meaning. This is made more complicated if the equivalent word in the other language also has more than one meaning.

So, i turn to my dictionary and for "scope" in the sense I use it, the definition is given as "(range, sweep) размах, охват ; an undertaking of wide ... предприятие с широким размахом"

Google Translate gives alternatives:
рамки, сфера, возможности, масштаб, размах, границы

I hope that is helpful (not straightforward without being able to look through and assess the book. . . if it is title of a book!

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