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A story of sounds: 'Oh!'
looking forward
Stephen Fry radio programme Fry’s English Delight: English Upside Down with comedian Adam Hills. The story of Oh!

OAO и прочее
Друзья, а как бы вы перевели на англйиский ОАО "Народная газета"?


The newest version of my English musicology guide is ready for download

Here is a download link to the newest updated version of the file: https://www.mediafire.com/?gn4nhx0zadqoh5r

Here is a small file text that details some of the changes that were made since the previous version: https://www.mediafire.com/?ilkgw51hgk6o36k

Some of you are probably unfamiliar with my writing. It's a large text document with photos and is essentially a reference guide to Engish language music. It includes a very diverse range of English music.

It's very long, but it's divided into different sections and is designed to be used with keyword searches, It was written in a way that does not assumes that you will read all of the information or that you will read it in chronological order.

It was also specifically written for English learners. It includes a lot of information and advice about improving your English skills and a lot information about American and British music culture. You can also find a long list of recommended English movies and television series.

My writing is mainly designed for English learners that have reached and intermediate level of English reading skill. Although the writing style is mostly formal and direct. So most of the meaning of the English content should translate at least somewhat clearly into Russian.

You can check my page for some samples of the many songs that are included in the document. But there are literally thousands of song recommendations in the actual document.

Зимняя сказка

Театральная студия Московского лицея "Ступени". Младшая группа
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Как можно перевести наши ТИПЫ жилья - квартиры и апартаменты на английский?
День добрый!
Пишем презентацию для партнеров на английском. Там исследование по цена на недвижимость в Москве и факторам, на них влияющим.
Так как за рубежом нету института прописки, то для них апартмент или флэт - это всегда квартира
Но может есть какие-то синонимы, которые можно было бы использовать как описание типа жилья - квартира (где можно прописаться), апартаменты (где прописаться нельзя)
Или любые идеи как это коротенько удобоварить...
В табличку про институт прописки и его влияния на стоимость жилья включить сложно..

рецепты на англиском
Добрый день!

Мне нужно написать рецепт приготовления блюда, на английском языке. Проблема в том, что в основном фразы рецепта не имеют подлежащего: нужно сварить мясо, затем нарезать овощи, жарить 10 мин и т.д. Как, в данном случае, выходить из положения, ведь в английском не может быть предложения без подлежащего?

p.s. оказывается есть Imperative sentence, но хочется понять, есть ли более приятно звучащие варианты (без повелительного наклонения) Типа, берем овощи, тушим их до готовности и добавляем к мясу... Можно ли сказать это по английски, избежав Imperative sentence?

Electronic Village Online
Добрый день! Этот пост для преподавателей английского, которым хотелось бы поучиться этой зимой.

Через два дня закрывается регистрация на The Electronic Village Online, где в этом году будет представлено 16 бесплатных пятинедельных сессий, посвящённых различным аспектам обучения английскому языку. Вот некоторые из тем сессий: teaching pronunciation differently, using QR Codes in ESL/EFL classes, teaching listening, experiential learning for teacher trainers, using technology for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), teaching English to young learners, using Minecraft to teach English, conducting classroom-based research, и многие другие. Подробная информация доступна по ссылке


Crossword puzzle
Guys, I need your help again.
"If something is good for you, it is a ... " .
This word consists of seven letters.
2nd letter is N

Thanks in advance!

The newest version of my English musicology guide is ready for download

The newest version of the full file can be downloaded here.

A smal file with a list of some of the updates can be found here.

Some people may not already be familar with these files. My writing is basically a large text file that is literally many thousands of words long. However, it is designed to be used as a reference guide.I don't expect anyone to read all of it. It also uses various language learning theories. It's very long, but it was specifically designed for English learners.

I know that some people would strongly prefer that my writing were in a PDF format, but I haven't done a proper conversion into PDF yet. This isn't just because that I am lazy though. My writing is actually difficult and time consuming to edit, compile and do the research needed. I do hope to create a proper PDF version in the future. But I'm always busy updating and improving the content. Although I'm very happy with the progress that I have made and I really do want to make a PDF version later.

"Not as" at the beginning of sentence

I have difficulties with home task.
I need to rewrite the sentence so that it means the same

"Fewer people are taking part in training than ten years ago"

My answer is: Not as many people are taking part in training as ten years ago (the answer should begin from "Not as...")
Am I right or wrong?
I never have met such constructions as "Not as" at the beginning of sentence.



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